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*Pre-Order will Ship October 22nd, 2022.


The title of the book is inspired by Outkast's 1994 hit song, "Git Up, Git Out". Through the speakers, Outkast and Goodie Mobb gave us an upbeat yet poetic instruction to GET UP, GET OUT and GET SOMETHING and to not allow the days of our lives to pass us by. In this book, Chris shares a very similar message.  "On the Couch" is where we reside when we are mentally and emotionally incarcerated by our trauma and we have yet to get up and begin doing something towards our healing.  Chris recognizes that healing is a journey, not a destination. He shares a very comprehensive and digestible approach to the healing process so that the average person may be more inspired to get off the couch and begin their journey to healing and becoming whole.

Chapters at-a-galance
1. What Is Mental Health?
2. What is Mental Illness Really?
3. What is Healing and Why Should I Do It?
4. The Language & Emotional Literacy
5. Healthy Habits
6. Let's Write About It
7. What is HAPPINESS & How Do I Get It?

Feedback from the Editor

This is an amazing book with impactful words written to help those that are hurt and mentally ill stand from their couch and take a journey into their healing. This book is power-packed and detailed for hidden facts that one should know about him/herself to be able to tolerate and work toward achieving complete freedom from hurt. This book teaches us what mental illness is, the ability to recognize if we're mentally ill and if others around us are mentally ill. It also teaches us how to heal from this mental illness and leave our couch of hurt and be free. This book cautions us on the need also to be aware of people's mental illness so as not to overreact to their actions towards us. You admonished us never to have this general notion people have about mentally ill individuals that makes them look invalidated. We are not supposed, for any reason, to marginalize any mentally ill person after reading this book because their healing depends on us. Most of the time, we feel it's only medications that help to heal mental illness, No, the combination of psychotherapy and medications is best. I learned the functions of emotions and their effect on us when ignored or misheard. You made us understand that emotions are communicators that relate to our entire body and mind and, when ignored or not heard correctly, react and cause us more hurt. Therefore, we need to understand what they are communicating as they serve as tools that save our lives and someone else's. We also underestimate our value and significance in people's lives and thus causing us to dissociate from friends and people around us. This is wrong because we're supposed to draw closer to those who are mentally ill to help them heal. I'm convinced that anyone who is done reading this book will definitely get up and lose weight and forgive themselves and those who contributed hurt to their heart. We really need to start over and accept that those hurts are no more and move on. Then we'll heal in our space and have that consciousness in our hearts.

"PRE- SALE" Get Up, Get Out & Get Some Healing

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