The Journey of A Poet

​​Overcome The Odds

Chris James is National spoken word poet, author, teaching artist, philanthropist, playwright, photographer, singer and songwriter. He is a master of many trades and has impacted many pockets of the world with his empowering artistic abilities. This young prophet and genius is truly using his gift to make a difference. The Journey of Chris James began in the city of Little Rock, Arkansas  and steadily growing. His latest album OVERCOMING THE ODDS (2015) paints vivid images of his upbringing and adulthood and all the challenges of being young and black in America. The project includes spoken word and music. The project is a follow up of his first book and stage play THE ODDS AGAINST U.S.=URBAN STATISTICS (2014). Chris James is a true hero and success story in the eyes of his community but THE JOURNEY has just begun......................

About The Chris James Journey

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