Creative Branding Class

Creative Branding in 2020 Will Be Discussed By Two Top Tier Industry Creatives, Chris James & MaryJane

Have you discovered your brand identity? When people look at your business or at you, is it clear what you offer? Does your brand content and product coincide with your mission? What is your why? Is your brand consistent or is it up to date with the times? We have a lot to talk about obviously. Chris James is a nationally award-winning poet, playwright, author and gallery owner who prides himself on being the SIX FIGURE POET. You may have seen him on TED TALKS or speaking at United States Congress. MaryJane is a mogul in the hair indsutry and is known as a healthy hair and extension strategist. She has created programs and systems that make her business of hair more than just a hair salon but an experience. MaryJane knows her brand which is why she recently won a $5,000 PITCH COMPETITION. 




Publish Your Book in 30 Days

Your 1-hr Online Masterclass That Gives You The Blueprint To Becoming A Self-Published Author. 


You Will Learn Manuscript Formatting,

The BIG 3 For Writing & Publishing, Understanding Your Audience, Getting Your Book Printed And So Much More!  

Self-Publishing can feel intimidating, especially when you're walking through the process alone. Learn how to publish your book in just 30 days. Your book deserves to be the centerpiece on someone's coffee table, at work or home. It's my promise to help you accomplish just that while making this process easy and enjoyable. 

Publish Your Book In 30 Days Masterclass

Publish Your Book In 30 Days Masterclass

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Success Coach

One-on-One Coaching To Help You Turn your Art Into A 6 Figure Business.

In-Person Meetings, Assignments, Accountability & Goal Setting, Marketing Strategy, Content Creation, Networking, Resources And More!


Having a third party perspective take a look at your strategy for success is so valuable. We may know the vision but sometimes we need a guide to help us along the way to turn our dreams into a reality. A coach is an unbiased perspective that is looking at the true scalability of your brand & business with a plan to get you there! 

Remember, "Never Stop Chasing Your Dream Or You'll Find Yourself Floating In Someone Else's." - Jay


Teaching Artist

In Person Teaching Experience With Poetry Performance, Theater, Music And Movement To Help Students Increase Literary Skills.

Chris James offers an experience through his art. A residency with Chris James is guaranteed to have an impact on how you view poetry and education. His approach makes writing and learning about poetry a very enjoyable experience. There is never a dull moment in his residencies. The program goal is to give students a license to be creative in their writing process while also improving their literary skills. Students are given the opportunity to be performers, actors and slam poets. Each residency is concluded with a poetry slam or culminating event. Both students and staff are always invited to keep constant communication with James after the residency has ended to continue improvement in literacy. The teachers are also left with new ideas and approaches to teaching literacy.

He has been involved in Arts in Education since 2009. He is affiliated with organizations such as Thea Foundation, Arkansas A+, Wildwood Parks for the Arts, Arkansas Learning Through the Arts, Pulaski County Special School District, Pine Bluff School District, Pulaski County Youth Services and many more. Chris James has worked with hundreds of students throughout Arkansas. He has orchestrated school-wide and district-wide poetry slams and stage plays with schools and organizations. Chris is the Executive Director of two amazing programs; Poetry Saves Lives and The Roots Art Connection. He is also a member of nationally known poetry slam team, Foreign Tongues who ranked 2nd place in the world's second largest poetry slam in 2014(Southern Fried Poetry Slam). Chris is a TEDx speaker. He offers curriculum development assistance and classroom instruction training.